How it works

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Submit Your Information

 After you have chosen a design package that works best for you, you will then submit a customized form for that package.  From there you will be contacted by one of our designers. They will then ask you to send us your property information. This would be a plot/plat plan or a survey of your lot. If you have a property survey already, perfect! If not, we can walk you through the steps to get the appropriate measurements. Please remember that correct information of your site is important to the accuracy of your design.

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Share Your Ideas

 Share your landscape style and any ideas, pictures, or collections you have. Make sure to describe what parts of the outdoor space you love. Sometimes it is as easy as sharing a Pinterest board or you may take actual photos of what you have seen and send an email to your designer. Either way we would like to see what you are looking for in an outdoor space.

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Get Your Custom Design

Once we have all the information we need from you, a designer will start working on a conceptual design for your site. You will be contacted by your designer via email to set up a phone or email conference to review the design draft. Once the final changes have been made you will receive your custom, professional landscape design package. Now that you have a plan for the perfect outdoor space, the rest is up to you!